[VOCALOID] Something just may…

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[VOCALOID] cosplay

KAITO by me

Photo by Dan


[Vocaloid] Kaito x Miku (Official ver) 11.11.2011 (Part 2)

Hehe, I’m coming back. Too lazy to begin new projects >”<. So I bring to you part 2 of this Vocaloid pj. As you saw, the 1st part, the amount of Kaito’s pictures is much, so in this part, it’s a Miku’s world. So sad ’cause we don’t have much pictures together. Btw, hope you like this :D

[VOCALOID] cosplay

Hatsune Miku by isis

Kaito Shion by me

Photo by Hayashi Masaru

Edit by me

Thanks Duong Bui, Sei-chan, Han, Meo-chan and Pu-chan for helping ^o^

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