Halloween 30.10.2016

Finally, I was back to Vietnam!

It was a wonderful time when I had chance to meet many interesting people from all over the world as well as travel to half of the countries and regions in Schengen area (you can see my travels in my blog: https://cuckootravelogue.wordpress.com/, available in Vietnamese only but I will try to add English version soon), that I also asked myself why I had enough time to both studying,  gaining money and traveling haha. Europe is amazing, but for me life is just existing without spiritual life. Then it’s only a stop for me to renew something in my mind, and increase my knowledge and experiences. Hence, I decided to come back to Vietnam, come back to Hanoi, my always-beloved city where I’ve grown up, where my family and friends living. Home is always where you feel most comfortable :)

Too lengthy and boring right haha?

As usual, cannot miss Halloween of The Garden Shopping Center, one of the biggest convention each year. This year we were glad to welcome back 3 special guests: mit-san and JUN&NERU, with the theme Touken Ranbu to fit with mit-san’s latest exhibition.


The judges and the organizers (P: W. Photography)

I had 3 Honmaru in my wishlist and finally I can did one =)). It’s time for Kogitsunemaru on stage (then I was a little bit regret because it’s damn hot inside the costume T_T). Too busy to prepare for the convention so I just had a few photos. But it was really happy when I could meet several people after a long time.


P: W. Photography


P: Herumetto516

Now it’s really busy with tons of work for the end of the year, but I will comeback soon ehe. Please keep supporting me *v*


Fuyu Matsuri 10.01.2016

Halloooooo, long time no see! I was back to Vietnam to do my research for 3 months, a little bit busy, and lazy also to update haha.

Fuyu Matsuri is the first cosplay festival of 2016. We decided to cosplay Owari no Seraph nearly 2 months ago, and it’s still a mess until last minutes because you know, cosplayers always finish everything right before the deadline =))

I was Lacus Welt and my partner (as usual) Meo chan cosplayed Rene Simm. It was the first time we had a stylish who brought our costumes, helped us to wear and fixed them. Thank you so much Fabric Man for your awesome work!!! And thank Hakaryo for styling all of the wigs, and thank our make-up artist Sei chan!

And it was so nice when I can meet my friend BO Gumiho from HCMC. He was a special guest of the festival, and we came to the fes quite late, but luckily, we still met each other. He was sooooo nice, so excited haha. A little bit sad because he had to back to HCMC at that night so we cannot hang out :(

Ok, too much words heh =)) Now it’s pictures’ time!

2016-01-11 03.39.55 1

Before we went

2016-01-11 03.44.34 1

Vampire team: me as Lacus Welt, Saber as Ferid Bathory, Zing as Krul Tepes, Meo as Rene Simm

2016-01-11 03.52.55 1

Full OnS team: Jackkal as Guren Ichinose, Kita as Shinya Hiragi, Reira as Shinoa Hiragi, Mun as Shigure Yukimi

2016-01-11 03.56.10 1

with Lão Gia Minh Tiêu (Shiro Yoshiwara -Adekan)

2016-01-11 03.58.18 1

with Fuiji Yuu-chan

2016-01-11 04.01.32 1

2016-01-11 04.04.11 1

with our super staff Hakaryo :”>

2016-01-11 04.07.52 1


2016-01-11 04.11.46 1

2016-01-11 04.15.27 1

2016-01-11 04.17.26 1

2016-01-10 11.37.29 1

with cute Matoi Ryuko (Puki Puki) and cute Mako Mankanshoku (Ngọc Loan) from Kill La Kill

2016-01-11 04.19.19 1

with BO Gumiho (Sebastian Michaelis – Kuroshitsuji)

2016-01-11 04.21.29 1

with Seiran (Yashiro Isana/ Adolf K. Weismann – K Project)

2016-01-11 04.23.35 1

with fangs, I looked so strange >”<

2016-01-11 04.24.55 1

with Eri Ayase (Love Live)

2016-01-11 04.27.11 1

with Hunter Chin (Kurama – YuYu Hakusho)

2016-01-11 04.29.08 1

2016-01-11 04.32.00 1

2016-01-11 04.36.09 1

with Tiểu Yết and Tiên Tiên (Anri Yoshiwara – Adekan)

2016-01-11 04.37.08 1

2016-01-11 04.42.18 1

with Sei as Horn Skuld from vampire team =))

2016-01-11 04.44.13 1