Welcome to my blog!

I’m Hara, a Vietnam cosplayer. Welcome to my blog!

I’ve started my cosplay since late 2010. A free cosplayer, not belong to any team and only cosplay with my buddies.

My cosplay styles are diversity. However, my favourite types are mostly villains or pervert characters. I prefer crossplay ’cause I think my appearance doesn’t fit with girl’s design.

Please do not use any of my photos without permission, thank you!

14868177167_d6cebfbcf8_b  01 Listen  11510949286_d5fdcf7261_b1  11991855213_819f3b154f_b  15038988238_d5f628c077_c  12366620895_b6a362ddae_b

13515485953_3952595bc7_b   10322193844_00e990bbc4_b   7387452998_0ca633a7f7_b    14248170107_e87872f365_b

14189931123_b06236522a_h 10655233_519817081485723_7646238801538179290_o 9608281844_6d43e1d5e9_b small size 9313710964_4d0ca3061f_b


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