Hang out with JUN-san ♥

After the festival, JUN-san had a day off. She’s very excited last night when we said that her work was finished =)). She smiles as a child and swings and keeps saying: “shopping, shopping, shopping~~~” =))

We took a taxi to the hotel at about 9am, brought her the rest of the photobooks and ROMs to pack the luggage. When we gave her our gifts, she’s so surprise =)). We checked out the hotel, asked them to keep the lugggage until evening. JUN-san gave me a letter to thanks for the invitaion and the help of us. She’s so pretty ;o;. Then we moved to Van Mieu by car.

She’s very enthusiastic when I talked about the history and culture of this place. She took many pictures and post them on her twitter excitedly. After that, feeling hungry ’cause she didn’t eat the breakfast, we went to Pho24. JUN-san loves noodles, she prefered many kinds of noodles so we want to introduce Pho to her.

photo (1)

Then, we went to the old quarter. JUN-san said that she want to buy souvenir for her family and friends, so we chose Dong Xuan market as the starting point. She chose some brocatelle bags as gifts, and 2 sets of decoration of dining table, which looks like small tatamis. She’s quite tired and wanted to smoke. Hence, we moved to Hoan Kiem lake, sit on the chair on the edge of the lake to relax, chit chat and eat ice creams. We made fun and she laughed a lots. In the first 2 days, she’s always nervous and looked like a puppy with wet eyes. But now, she’s more familiar, she smoked like a boss and began bullying us =)))). We waited Sei and Su chưn buy lotus tea and the greenbean cakes for her before going to visit Ngoc Son Temple. Honestly, this is the 2nd time I came there, so shy haha =))


JUN-san and her guardians =))

It seemed rain, then we decided to move to Paris Gateaux because everybody feel thirsty. We walk to this store, when JUN-san and Dan tried the cyclo. When we met each other in the store, she told that she’s very scare when sitting on the cyclo =)).


We had a rest here for about 1 hour. In fact, we required her so much to sign and write for us (so sorry =))) and she accepted all the request, pamper us so much (。┰ω┰。) . Oh, I love you so much JUN-san (●´∀`●)

photo jbk

Neko group :”)

1382113_10202275644752126_318499531_nAll things she signed for me today :”)

We had dinner at Ngon restaurant again, because she wanted to eat several kinds of dishes. We had a traffic jam when moveing from Hoan Kiem District to Thanh Xuan District. She’s very tired and asleep in the car. It’s rain slightly and made all of us very sad. ‘Cause she would back to Tokyo after only 4 hours ;”””;. We talked some short stories, sometimes closed the eyes to reduce tired. It’s 6:30pm when we arrived at the restaurant, enough time to eat and share last funny stories before saying goodbye.



completely drawn the picture =))

and here’s the result *v*


haha kawaiiiiiii O(≧▽≦)O

We sent her back to the hotel to get the luggage and do somthing before going to the airport. When she checked-in, we cried a little bit because we’ll miss her so much!!! When waiting for the flight, we took photos, talk about the next year, swear many things =)))




Before going to the waiting room, she hugged each of us to say goodbye. She consolted me about the next year, told me that let go to study, then back to Vietnam and she’ll come again =)). Thank you so much, I’ll be jealous till dead if next year will be the last time you go to Vietnam >”<. She also invite me to Japan haha, enticed that there is a Comiket this winter, so come and she will take me to this, introduce me with other cosplayers =))))))). But I’m very poor, my obachan =))), you have to wait me until I’m rich. Then I ‘ll fly to you immediately, I swear!!!

JUN-san’s so kind, so pretty. She gives the sympathy for everybody who met her, then they love her like crazy =)))) She must be a witch for sure (✿ ♥‿♥) haha.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, you’re so cruel when destroying my heart >”<. How can I stop loving this kakoi and kawai people ( ≧Д≦)

photo (2)

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