Meeting JUN-san!!!

Ok, I’m now fuking crazy! She’s so so so so so so so so so cute ;o; I’ve become her fan for 4 years, fell in love because of her Lightning =)). Honestly, I never thought that I can meet her, ’cause she’s not a performance cosplayer, and the opportunity that I could go to Japan and meet her is very low. Hence, now I can meet her, it’s such a destiny! This summer, I and my friends saw that JUN-san published 2 new photobooks. I have to say that they are very beautiful! Firstly, I saw that she sold them only in Japan, and I worte an email to her to ask about the demand of foreigners like us. I thought that she may be not concern about this. But she replied quickly that pre-order for oversea was opened the following week. So surprise!!! Then we decided to order together 3 kinds of them. (you know, the shipping fee from Japan to Vietnam is quite high ;__;).  This is the begin for a long period I talk many things with her =)) She’s so kind and polite. I wish she could come to Vietnam as a special guest of a random festival. And *O*, my friend said that she was invited as an examiner for a contest which belong to Halloween Festival of The Garden. She suggested with the organizers about inviting JUN-san as special guest of the programme. This idea was accepted and they asked me to invite her, ’cause I’m the only one who contact her all the time =)). When I received the answer YES, I shocked, and I shouted, and then I became crazy, became mad, I sang, I jumped like a monkey =)))))) It was such a BIG SURPRISE!!! She agreed easily ;o; Then, I became the link between JUN-san and The Garden, wrote email to her 2-3 times per week, talked about the programme, agenda, discussed about the programme. I disturbed her so much when tweet her several times to cry and ask her to reply my email =))))))) I guess that she may think I was very complicated ;w; It’s the first time she went abroad alone as a special cosplay guest. So in the day before the flight, she tweet that she’s so nervous, she scared if she made mistakes. Kawaii ;o; The period waiting for her is one of the longest period in my life. I was on the tenterhooks, The flight brought her to Hanoi landed at night of 25 Oct. We took a taxi to Noi Bai airport to welcome her, with many different kinds of emotion ;o; It’s said that she arrived at 21:40, but we didn’t saw her until the last group of passengers. It’s 20:30, and it made us scared. She came with a big mask, but I still recognised her based on her hair color and her beautiful eyes. OMG, when she wave her hand with us, I thought that I can die immediately. She’s here, the real one, I can talk with her, see her directly through my eyes, touch her, hug her and fall in love again with her. I believed that she’s about 165cm, but I was wrong. She’s absolutely taller than me, even when the sole of my shoes wasn’t thin like normal. She’s nearly 170cm, I suppose. We give her flower and some cakes for evening meals if she’s hungry =))


We took her to the hotel, helped to check-in and said goodbye her. When I came home, I knew that she took pictures to say thanks and happy about the room =))

This morning, we have a short meeting to discuss about her fan meeting. Today, she took the mask out, and she’s so pretty, so beautiful, look exactly like herself in her photos! And her skin is super white, my god. She’s shy, and her voice was quite small. But she smile so beautiful, so virtuous! She looks so cute!!! She’s still very shy when we have lunch.


Then, we changed our clothes and did the make up. She finished everything very fast! Fan meeting happened in time. JUN-san seemed to like the spider candy and eye candy so much when she waited befofe the room =)) When she entered, everyone clapped and she became stressful =)). She’s very shy, this means that her emotion turned from cool to cute, this made everybody more excited =))











903882_691629080848051_1408460001_o 1074218_3651339978573_462121477_o 1374874_697877050223617_451123718_n 1073901_763943410289552_908192139_o 881969_3651407420259_1484290631_o




always my most perfect Aominecchi <3 Love you so much!!!




902876_3651410540337_870780173_o 1403529_3651409820319_286878741_o









1398947_763942933622933_52205644_o 1402354_3651420780593_425814835_o







1404802_255599801258805_1877111885_o 548973_10201956510822026_1038946535_n


with class Zero tomorrow :”>



Later, we have an welcome dinner for JUN-san. I lost my way so I came late. JUN-san like Vietnamese food so much =))), especially NEM! She ate nearly 2 dishes of it =)))). We chit chat more, and the atmosphere seemed more comfortable, more friendly. She showed us a clip of her 2 weasels, very playful and full of energy =))))) She also show images of her siblings, and then pictures of NERU-san, Nakoto-san, Suguru-san and Kana-san. We saw a funny clip of NERU-san, which I thought she will kill all of us if she know JUN-san has played for us =)))). We also presented some cosplay pictures for her to recognise each people. We show 2 groups of FF-Type0 and named each member. We chat about her skin, her short sleep (and NERU’s one =))), etc. We connected well to each other and everyone felt funny and happy.







Camera 360

You made fall in love again, again and again ;o; How can I hate this kawaii people ;o;

Love you so much, JUN-san ;o;


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