[FF: Type-0] Flow of Fate

“As people




We are unable to choose the era, or the world that we are born into.

However, we are able to choose how we live.

This is not just some solitary stories.

This is self-written histories




The flow of Fate

Let the Crystal bless them!




9608281844_6d43e1d5e9_b small size


Ace by Hayashi Masaru

Deuce by Shiro Su

Trey by Saber

Cater by Mèow Mẩu

Cinque by Whoo

Sice by Meo

Seven by Zing

Eight by Dan

Nine by Han

Jack by me

Queen by Ngân Phụng

King by Jack Kal

Machina Kunagiri by Duong Bui

Rem Tokimiya by Kita

Photo by Hakaryo

Thanks Sei and Cường for helping so muchhhhh!!!

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