• I see that you are into photography too, Hara? Cosplay photography too? If i could help shooting lots of cosplay, I’d post them too! Unfortunately, there are so limited area here as appropriate backdrop and backgrounds. TT xTT More often than now, us photographers are required for permits.

      But anyway! Your shots look faaab! So brightly lit and vibrant. It inspires me to work harder for my shots too!

      Keep it up!

      *determined fist shake*

    • Oh *O* thank you so much! Actually, my photography is just my hobby :”>. I’m not a cosplay photographer, but sometimes, I shoot some pics for fun. I’ll try my best :D

    • Hee~ I do it as a hobby too. It’s all sorts of fun. If i can’t find cosplayers to shoot, I shoot displays and figures during conventions instead. > v<) Though I'd rather shoot BJDs but collectors' toys aren't so bad either. *laughs*

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