Halloween Party at The Garden shopping mall 28-10-2012

The Garden shopping mall held a Halloween party, which included a small contest called “Best coser of the year”. Firstly, I didn’t decide what costume to wear to join this party. Luckily, in the final minutes, I choose Gumi from Matryoshka version to cosplay. I know I’m too big and too old to cosplay Gumi =)), but, I like the design, and… why so serious =)))))))).

I went to The Garden from 3pm, met my “family” to prepare the costume and make up. At that time, Atrium 1 of The Garden was full of cosers. After everything seems to be ok, it was about 5 or 6pm @-). I met some of my friends, chit chat and took pictures. They are very cute, very pretty, very handsome *O*.

Noone remembered to bring a camera, so we have to shoot by Galaxy S3, with amazing Photo 360 software =)). Other pictures were taken by other people, so thanks all of you guys who took those pictures :D

with Sky (Amaimon – Ao no Exorcist)

with Whoo-chan before she cosplay

with Saber (Gilbert Nightray – Pandora Hearts)

with Dan (Izaya) and Han (Shizuo), they cosplayed Durarara!! fanart – Halloween version

with Hayashi Masaru (Kuroko – Kuroko no Basket)

Han and I posed with Whoo-chan (Ranka Lee – Macross Frontier)

with Sei-chan (Sheryl Nome – Macross Frontier)

Promote for Nutri =)))))

Met Sayuri-chan (UK – Axis Power Hetalia)

with K-chan, who cosplayed a character in a danmei named “Đạo mộ bút ký” in Vietnamese

with ss Ngân Phụng (Hana – Gate7)

with Hunter-chin (Howl – Howl’s Moving Castle)

with Cáo (Shiemi – Ao no Exorcist)

with Mo-chan

with Yasashii Mustang and her friend in WAO group, they cosplay Shaman King

I like this so much although it’s quite LQ :((

with Xudi and Moon-chan

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