[Hakuouki: Hekketsu-roku] The last time of us

The name of this project means the last time of Shinsengumi, and also means the last time of cosers in this pj, because this is the last project of Meo-chan in Hanoi this summer. We had to try our best to run this project. There were many obstacles like limited time, but finally, everything’s alright. We had a funny shooting time. Therefore thank all of you, my Hakuouki team and people who supported us to much behind the scene :D.


Hijikata Toushizou by me
Okita Souji 
by Han
Saitou Hajime 
by Dan
Harada Sanosuke 
by Meo
Toudo Heisuke 
by Oscar
Nagakura Shinpachi 
by Jack Kal

Photo by Meow Mẩu, Hayashi Masaru &  Sei
Thank Duong Bui for helping so much today :D





Behind the scene:







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