Honey and Clover shooting day

Today, we decided to do Honey & Clover cosplay project as a picnic day. So busy to prepare and cook.

At about 2pm, we moved to Bach Thao Park. The weather was so hot, but fortunately, several trees and lake makes it cooler. We climbed the hill. Ahhhhhhhh, so surprise !!!!!! We saw a “Sưa” tree with its very-pretty-tiny-white-flower-clusters :”>, ’cause this time is ended of the “Sưa” flower period.

I forgot my camera at home T^T. So sad >”<. So I had to take this photo by my old Nokia mobile phone so the quality of this pic will be so hurhur >”<.

I love this picture, like I love the beauty of “Sưa” flowers as well as my little Hanoi :D
It’s a moment, a memory of Hanoi.

Hehe, some backstage pictures:

Crazy Morita =))))))


Here is our picnic, so delicious heh?

And result :”>

HONEY & CLOVER cosplay

Yuta Takemoto by Hayashi Masaru

Shinobu Morita by Cua

Hagumi Hanamoto by Whoo

Ayumi Yamada by Kita

Takumi Mayama by Kain

Photo by Dan

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