Daily life of highschool couple

Hehe, I have to say that the title of this entry isn’t an official name of this project, only a joke of mine :D

Today, Dan-chan and Whoo-chan decided to do an original cosplay pj about highschool boy and highschool girl, and Han & I went with them. I like the weather today very much, so suitable for a shooting day :D

They are so cute, heh :D Sweet couple ;)

We joked about some scenes that I’ll play a boy flirting Whoo-chan, and they decided to do this =)).  So funny =))

Kamezoko =))))))

We shoot many romantic poses, and then we said some jokes. It’s the reason of some funky scenes which could called “Don’t look back when you love” (it’s the name of an VN horror film) =))))

Some backstage images:

Ah >”< Kawwaiiiiiiiiii <3

For the official photos, you can find in Dan’s wp. Unfortunately, all of us have to wait T^T

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