My 2011

Hehe, it could be said that this is the first year I work as a cosplayer. Some projects were failure because of many reasons, but in general, I think it’s quite good. I’ll remake some pj next year for better quality :”>

Here it’s my cosplay in 2011 ^o^

(follow the timeline, from top to bottom, left to right)

1. Agatsuma Soubi (Loveless)

2. Agatsuma Soubi (Loveless)

3. Hijikata Toshizou (Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan)

4. Hayasaka (Oresama Teacher)

5. Kyte (Setsugetsuka_Vocaloid)

6. Hijikata Toshizou (Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan)

7. Fye D. Flourite (Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle)

8. Kaito Shion (Vocaloid)

Not too much, I think it’s enough for a good start :D

And here it’s my wishlist for 2012 :D (unfortunately, my cosplay sometimes seems not relate to the wishlist LOL)

– Meito (World is yours)

– Shigure Sohma (Fruits Basket)

– Okita Sougo (Gintama)

– Kaito (Acute)

– Hatsuharu Sohma (Fruits Basket)

– Bernardo Ortolani (Lucky Dog)

– Kaito (Crazy Clown)

– Shinra Kishitani (Durarara)

– Yuki (Kimi to boku)

– Kunou (Ranma 1/2)

– Kaito (Romeo & Cinderella)

– Izaya Orihara (Durarara)

– Mello (Deathnote)

– Mock Sullivant (Tegami Bachi)

– Kazuhiko Yukimi (Nabari no ou)

– Grell Sutclifft (Kuroshitsuji)

– Chiaki Mamiya (The girl who leapt through time)

– Gumi (Matryoshka)

– Shinta Fukuda (Bakuman)

– Akito Takagi  (Bakuman)

– Hijikata Toshizou (Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan) (remake and more versions)

– Kyte (Setsugetsuka0 (remake)

– Fye D. Flourite (Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle) (shooting and more versions)

Hope that I could do all of those :”>

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