Happy birthday ^o^

He, December comes and then leads to lots of birthdays =)))))). Today (I mean yesterday, now it’s 01:00 3rd Dec, lol), 2nd Dec, is the birthday of 2 of my lovely friends: Hayashi Masaru and Oscar. So, happy birthday to both of you ^3^.

Unfortunately,  I have no picture of Zuro-kun (yes, he’s Hayashi Masaru :D), so I borrow this pic from his blog. Say happy birthday to Bé  Búp *clap clap* :D

Original crossplay

Miku by Zuro-kun

Photo by Dan

(Heheh, yes, it’s he. He’ very very cute, you agree with me heh :”> ?)

And happy birthday to  Os-chan, too :D. I know Setsugetsuka is a failure pj of us this summer, but don’t worry, haha, this pic’s so nice, isn’t it ;) ? Hope you like this ^o^

Setsugetsuka cosplay

Len by Oscar

Photo by Doom

Edit by me

And about my cute bro, Jack Kal,  so sorry because of late uploading a picture to say happy birthday to you :”> (his b-day is 1st Dec >”<). Although you’re now in France, so far from us >”<, your family always stand by you and love you very much ^o^. I bring this pic from Jack Kal’s DA :D. Keep strong and happy baby :D.

Gintama cosplay

Kondou by Jack Kal

Photo by Dan

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