[Vocaloid] Kaito x Miku (Official ver) 11.11.2011

[VOCALOID] cosplay

Hatsune Miku by isis
Kaito Shion by me

Photo by Dan and Zuro-kun

Thanks Bu-chin for lending me your costume :”>
Thanks Sei-chan, Han, Meo-chan and Pu-chan for helping ^o^

Hope you like this project :D



Hehe, it was a nice day, in both literally and figuratively (11-11-11 lol :D). So my friend: isis and I go to Hanoi Exhibition for a shooting of Vocaloid official ver.

Before that, I think that I’ll fit with Kaito while isis said that she’s too old to cosplay Miku. However, the fact was opposite, lol =))))). Isis is so cute and fit absolutely with Hatsune Miku, while I had some troubles with my blue wig T^T. So sad to admit that I realy don’t suitable with cool color hair T^T.

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