Sunflower 26.11.2011

Photoshoot in sunflower field in a sunny day :D


Photo by Dan

Model: me

Today, my friends: Dan, Han, Whoo, Sei and I took a photoshoot, just for fun, when the sunflowers are still beautiful :D. So sad, because the field is not large as I imagine (LOL), but it’s still so magnificient =))))))

The previous day, we decided to take pictures in another area. Therefore our outfits today were absolutely not fit with the background =))))), except Whoo-chan. She’s so cute in white dress, like an little angel :D

Photo by Dan

Model: Whoo-chan

Photo by Dan

Model: Han

Photo by Han

Model: Dan

Photo by Dan

Model: Sei

Hehe, it’s a really happy and funny day :”>

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