The first real summer

I had never had a real summer before. After each school year was another semester when I had to face to face with several types of extra class. Therefore, it’s the first SUMMER of mine, with no extra class, no subject, no work have to be finished. I have the first chance to enjoy it, to use it on my own :D

It’s also the first time I have a far-trip with my friends, who are not classmates. This 5-day-trip must be one of the most worthwhile memories in my life.

A four-hour-bus brought us to a cute guesthouse named “Blue Sea”.

The first day:  a half of hour walking to go to the beach. We complained because of the long distance, because of tired legs >”<. But when we saw the beach, touched our feets into the water, all of us had pleasure. The first time we saw double rainbows, it was bigger than HN’s one, so wonderful!!!

The second day: racing ‘xe-om’ to Yen Tu. Air was so fresh!!! I felt that the wind was flowing into my chest, binging the sweatness, aroma and cool of mountains and streams.

Each night, at 10pm or later, room 205 was full of people and full of instant noodle smell =)) Room 208 was so messy with pearl, feathers, hair, cloth and several kinds of rubbish on the floor, never turned off the light before 3 am. And 6 people waited with long necks a room 206’s mem finished her bath to have a dinner.

Each night, before go to bed, we swore that tomorrow morning, we would definitely wake up at 4.30 am, but in fact, we never got up before 7am =))

Like Na had written: “standing question: What to eat today…”

Tuan Chau and the most funny shooting day for One Piece. Running, jumping, singing, punching and doing many crazy things =)) It was really the most fun shoot ever.

5 days and 4 nights, it was not enough for us to enjoy the summer, but enough to understand more about each other. I have met and made friends with many cute people.

And I will remember this summer forever!


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