Nippon Genki Matsuri 16-04-2011 (Day 01)

Hehe, the yearly Yosakoi Festival in Hanoi has started :”>.

Yeah, I also participate as a volunteer for this festival like in Satsuki Fes. This year, my job is to support the stage on the morning of day 02 of Genki. So in  day 01,  I have all day to visit  and photograph interesting things.

Meets some cosers and friends. Since it’s the first day so there was not much cosers in Genki fes. I had a chance to meet Hit-chan, a HCM coser. She’s so cute and pretty :D 

My “younger sister”, Watakun, and her friend. Lovely rabbit <3

Xudi and Nakun as Rin and Len

Meo-chan with Hit-chan as Stocking Yukata Ver.

With my “papa” HXP

Meets my classmate. She’s also a volunteer in Genki :D

Sei-chan as Meiko original ver. She’s so beautiful heh?

Original by Pi-chan

Sayuri as Len 

Vivien as Nura Rikuo (Nuarihyon no mago)

BLEACH cosplay

Hồ ly as Soi Fon

Yui-kun as  Aizen Sosuke

BLEACH cosplay

Bi-chan as Retsu Unohana

Nurarihyon no mago cosplay

Alice as Ryota Neko

Seiran as Kubinashi

Some photos took by my friend, Zuro-kun:

You can see Genki Matsuri Day 02 here: LINK


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