Satsuki Matsuri 08-09.05.2010

Hehe, it’s a yearly Yosakoi festival, with many Yosakoi team from Hanoi and Japan. 2 times ago, this festival was called as Sakura Matsuri, but this year, it’s hold on May, when Sakura is gone and Satsuki has come. So the organizers decided to change the name of this. It’s the first time I’m a volunteer for this festival :D. So excited!


Logo printed on the volunteer uniform (front and back)

My volunteer is on the second day so in the first day of Satsuki Matsuri, I went to the festival to take photos, see Yosakoi teams dance, met and hugged other cosers :D. I just have made friends with some other cosers for a few months, and this could said as the first time I saw them cosplay. Before that, we only chatted with each other through forum.

A part of CCS Group

Meet ss Van Anh, a very nice and beautiful sister :D

With Yui-kun

With Han and Dan

Oscar and Saber with the family of a cute old man :D

Thanks to this festival, I have met many friendly people, both Vietnamese and Japanese. So funny when I helped my new friend in the thrown round game booth :D.

 On the second day, I did my job all day: managing Yosakoi parade.

However, it a wonderful chance to take a scenic spot for taking picture and filming :”>.


Sea Blue – a Japan Yosakoi Team, very young, friendly and dynamic

With Maika, I like them and their dance very much!!!

After lunch time at water balls booth with HSY members

See my friend, Phệt, cosplaying Yuuko Ichihara from xxxHolic

Meet Dan in the 2nd day :D. She’s so cute in pumpkin dress

Ahhhhhhhh, very tired after Satsuki Matsuri. I think I need to do exercise more T^T. But very happy now :”>

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